About Us

Appliances Reviews aims to save you time and money when you are looking for a new oven, cooker, hob or small kitchen appliance.

Browse our expert reviews from the most popular brands and best retailers and save yourself hours of time and effort when researching your next kitchen appliance.

Appliances Reviews started its humble beginnings at the breakfast bar in my kitchen.

The idea of starting Appliances Reviews came in 2022 when a friend was planning a new kitchen. She knew I had trained as a chef, had an interest in interior design and a passion for cooking. We sat over coffee discussing the merits of how working kitchens should be laid out and then started hunting for new kitchen appliances.

Wow! What a minefield that was. It took several weeks to analyse and review various ovens and hobs and finally come up with a short list. It was, quite frankly, slow and boring and took much of the excitement out of buying a new kitchen.

At this point in my life and my career two things occurred to me: I was bored in my job and my son was getting older and not needing so much of my time as he was becoming more independent. These two realisations led me to thinking about a new project from which the idea of Appliances Reviews was born.

My reasons for starting Appliances Reviews was to provide a service for homeowners looking for new kitchen equipment and appliances that was unbiased, helpful and would make the whole process or researching kitchen equipment and appliances interesting, enjoyable and relatively painless.

Using my experience in helping my friend I decided I wanted to help people to: